Monday, March 25, 2019

Condo Chronicles

People are beginning the thin out here in snowbird land.
Our bi-weekly Sunday social gathering (bring a drink and perhaps a munchie to share) in the clubhouse was a paltry ten people. Some of the regulars were on a trip, others out of town for some other reason, and some have already left for their homes up north. Still, I was able gather information about some of the happenings in our complex.

          Our next-door neighbor’s sale of her condo fell through. Not good at all since she’s knee-deep in building a house. There are two other units for sale in our building that aren’t selling either (No, our building was not constructed on a cursed burial ground. . I don’t think.), so good thing we’re happy where we are. This may be less a comment on the economy and be more about the glut of building, and therefore available housing, around us.

          A friend in another building relayed her harrowing tale of hearing scrabbling noises in her air conditioning unit. After a restless night, and rushing out to buy a trap, she took a deep breath and a flashlight and went to investigate. There in the claustrophobic area housing the innards of her HVAC system she saw - - not the rat she’d been expecting, but a tiny owl.

          And speaking of wildlife, some lame brain goofus has been leaving chunks of carrots in the shrubbery around our complex. As soon as I find them I hurl them into the nearby woods. After a stern statement on our Facebook page they seem to have stopped. Yes, we have bunnies hopping around here, but they're doing just fine without our help.

          And there’s a reason for all those rat traps by the dumpsters.   


  1. Aren't people stoopid! Carrots for bunnies.

  2. That rat was probably after one of the building rodents. The sale of houses in our area is also weak these days. Not overbuilding but perhaps a lapse in customers.

  3. I would be a bit annoyed at the carrots too, they may be putting them out for the bunnies, but will end up with rats and more rats too. Just what you don't need.

  4. carrots. been watching too many cartoons.

  5. Yikes, hope the owl got out OK. Rats and rabbits have similar tastes.

  6. Condo life sounds exciting! Quieter neighborhood with lots of empty units! We are seeing snowbirds return and they are not happy with the remaining snow:)


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