Monday, March 4, 2019

Hair's to Ya

We aren’t really sports people, but we do follow the Boston Red Sox, so we made our annual trek to their spring training park, an easy birthday gift to My Guy.

        First stop is always the team store, packed to the gills with stratospherically-priced merchandise and even more packed with people panting to buy it. 

Exhibit A, this woman’s fleece with World Series Champs embroidered on it, thereby shooting the price up to over $100.

          If I’m going to a ball game, I’m NOT, I repeat NOT sitting in the sun, particularly Florida sun. Fortunately, I’m the ticket buyer and have learned to check to see which seats are guaranteed shaded before I order them. And they were great – good view of the field, totally shaded, and on the end for easy exits. This also meant we stood up umpteen times as those in the rest of the row came and went, came and went, but it was really no bother. 

          What was a bother was the shapely blond, whom any Hooters would have been proud to employ, sitting in front of me. She didn’t curse at the team or block my view. I’m not even sure how much she got out of the game, since she spent much of it checking her texts, and even looking at cute cat videos.  In fact she wasn’t the problem. It was her looong pony tail that lashed my knees (if only I hadn’t worn shorts) with every expressive flick of her head as she flirted with her companion.

 Still I guess I was better off than the guy on my left, who acquired extra roughage with every sip of his beer.


  1. I see your knee and understand completely. And the hair in his beer seemed more than a little yucky. :-)

  2. With a bit of luck, the blonde might read this and realise tying her hair up would be a good idea, or she could sit in the vary back row since she wasn't watching the game anyway.

  3. Yeah, that's a little too close for comfort. I remember when the Red Sox used to train in Winter Haven before moving to Bradenton in the early '90s.

    1. Their new-ish stadium is now in Fort Meyers.

  4. Those seats were packed pretty tightly.

  5. I would have been tempted to stick her hair in a cup of something...ketsup perhaps:):)

  6. You should of bought the guy next to you a Fenway Frank with all the fixings and offered to balance for him on your knee

  7. oh the temptation to juuuussst even out that hair with mah ever handy nail scissors...


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