Monday, February 4, 2019

Newbie Nerves

          As someone who was in high school when Title IX was still just a gleam in Congress’ eye, athleticism hasn’t come naturally to me.
I grew up without a big brother to follow around, and instead had parents and an older sister whose idea of a lively afternoon was to sit down with a cigarette, a highball, and a good book.

          I finally learned how to ride a bike at age 30, first water skied at age 42, and took up tennis (poor to moderate) at 45. So this whole concept of pick-up games comes as naturally to me as stilt walking.

          Unless you have a dedicated group of people to play with, pickleball here is played at community centers by individuals who just show up and put their name on the board. Even though everyone and anyone can play, as a raw beginner I always feel like the person most likely to be left on the sidelines when the other kids pick their dodgeball teams. I also worry about being dead weight as I plant myself on my half of the court with three other total strangers.

          I’m off now to face the gauntlet again this afternoon. I’m surprised at how much I enjoy playing, so I’m willing to go through these ‘first day of school’ butterflies.


  1. I know just how you feel. I've never been an athlete and did not play team sports. I'm always concerned about making a bit of a fool of myself. Good for you doing all of those things later in your life!! -Jenn

  2. Pickleball? Colour me clueless.
    I often was the last picked for any sport which required hand/eye coordination. I am glad to hear that you are having fun.

  3. I was semi-athletic, but had I been given a chance when young like all the young boys were, who knows. We wasted a ton of young female athletes in that generation.

  4. I've never played, but they have a court at our Y. Maybe I should try it, you make it sound like it would be fun even if a newbie. :-)

  5. What on earth is pickleball? I've never heard of it.

  6. They say that it's good to learn a new skill and an active one at that = twice the benefit.

  7. I think I'm with your sister on this one. And I don't even need the cigarette!

  8. me too, what is pickleball? and I didn't care for team sports being on of the last kids to get picked for any team. I loved archery though, just about the only non-team sport we learned during high school PE.

    1. It's kind of like tennis with a smaller court and played with a racket that's hard like a ping pong paddle.
      Supposedly its for the older set, but you still have to gallop around a bit.

  9. I think I'd rather learn how to play bridge.

  10. I have heard that either you love it or hate it! Have fun!


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