Saturday, October 20, 2018

No Man is a Hero to His Valet

The Florida Mega Millions lottery is now at the unbelievable sum of 1.6 billion dollars since there was no winner last night.
Winning numbers:
15,23,53,65,70 and the Mega Ball number was 7
Our ticket?
07,22,25,47,53 (Whahoo!!) with a Mega Ball number of 04
          And yes, apparently matching only one number is worth bupkis.

          We shouldn’t be too surprised we didn’t win – the chance of matching all six numbers and taking home the grand prize was one in 302.5 million. We’re still new to this whole thing, being more the impulse $1 scratch ticket sort of gambler, but potential winnings in the millions are pretty alluring.
          But then my bar of Neutrogena facial soap reminded me last night that I’m probably not cut out to be a millionaire anyway.
          A few years ago after surgery laid me up, we employed a woman to deal with light housekeeping every two weeks. This had been a life-long dream of mine, so when I went back to work we continued having her come. It was great at first, but then the idea of having another pair of eyes in the house (even if it was only twice a month) got to me.
          Was she judging my own interim cleaning skills? When she tidied the bathroom counter, did she notice that the same bar of facial soap was still there, barely diminishing? (A tell-tale sign that my skin care is often a bit hit-or-miss, depending on how tired I am.)
          As the final blow, when I realized that the “light” housekeeping she did was just that, and I’d seen that her idea of scrubbing the kitchen floor was to stand there with a spray bottle and a Swiffer with a rag around it, I was happy to call an end to the whole thing.
          The cherry on top came when we moved to a condo and now have a lot less footage to dirty up, and are no longer shoveling mulch, digging in the dirt, and dragging the outside in.   


  1. we had some extra money for awhile so had a house cleaning service come in once a month but they always scheduled us for afternoon and when they were still there at nearly 7PM we were like...go home. after a couple of times of that we quit using them and went back to our slovenly ways.

  2. I did have a woman who would come once every two weeks, back when the kids were young. I found myself cleaning up before she came! Ridiculous, I know. The amount of money of that jackpot it mind boggling. You folks in the states get taxed on your winnings. We Canadians do not, but I'm still not much of a lottery ticket buyer. My mother in law faithfully bought every single week. I don't think she won a thing. -Jenn

  3. The cleaning is becoming too much for me so I will have to employ someone. And suspect I will bust a gut cleaning before they arrive. Which is silly.

  4. I laughed at your description of what your "light" housekeeper considered a kitchen scrub. My mother would clean like crazy before her housekeeper showed up. It was fun to watch. :-)

  5. I seldom buy lottery tickets, but it’s kind of fun every now and then. The way that I do it, I don’t consider it gambling, but I suppose it really is.

  6. That's an insane amount of money for one person to win.

  7. That's a huge amount of money. I'm greedy and would like to win big, to share with my family, but that amount is way too much even for my dreams.
    I'm the "light housekeeping" sort myself, doing the barest minimum most of the time, with a deep cleaning day a couple of times a year.

    1. Agreed - light housekeeping is me on a good day. If I'm going to live just this side of slovenly, I plan to do it for free.

  8. Now and then we get what I think of as the "Perky and Agressive" homecleaning services, looking to clean my house. Oh no no no.
    I have eight rooms, we burn wood, and we have two cats who obligingly lay down a nearly invisible vacuum clogging layer of fur, daily. Like anyone else, I'd be cleaning this house before I even let them on the porch.

    And if you think about it, if you can still clean your house enough to impress the cleaning service, pay yourself and do the work instead...

    I tend to clean the room I'm in, or the one I notice. This week it was the refigerator. Next week it might be the dining room. Why push.


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