Tuesday, September 4, 2018

Some things never go out of style

Our grandson just cruised into age 9, complete with a party of thirteen other 9 year-olds in the backyard (God bless his brave mother and father), all in a Harry Potter theme.
A neighbor’s popcorn machine, a home-crafted photo booth, a game or two to work off energy, and then a movie projected on a screen outside. I’m glad home birthday parties haven’t been completely eclipsed by expensive events at commercial venues.

          We had visited the day before, to hand out gifts and hugs.
One of the gifts – and the most popular one by far – was a big box of old plastic soldiers, and cowboys, and Indians. Very old. So old in fact, that 60+ years ago his grandfather had sat in his backyard, with those same soldiers, building fortifications out of sticks, too.
           All those rearing horses and headdress-laden chiefs were so popular that soon even the very cool 14 year-old, freshman in high school brother was out there, setting up camps and skirmishes. 


  1. The very best things defy fashion changes don't they?

  2. I remember sets of cowboys and indians, they had to be bought separately in plastic bags of about a dozen at a time, and a fort could also be bought, but we made our own out of small tree branches, almost twig sized and tied them together with string.

  3. Nice place to show a movie. I like the cowboys and indians, too. :-)

  4. I remember toys like that.

    But ... are we connecting at all? I just want to know.

  5. Isn't it cool that even the most old-fashioned toys sometimes get the most attention?


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