Tuesday, July 31, 2018

Blandly Bonding

          While I was in the hospital, Mamie stuck close to My Guy’s side and ate practically nothing.
Once home, I thought she’d rebounded since she polished off her dinner and settled down with us in the evening to watch TV.

          At 6 a.m. yesterday morning the dog - who normally has to be coerced awake at 7:30, pees, and hides under the bed till 9:00 - was bouncing from foot to foot. I dragged myself from bed and waited shivering outside while she ate mouthful after mouthful of crab grass.

          Things got a bit more, um, productive later in the day and then on our afternoon walk she ate more grass and promptly threw up all over a neighbor’s front lawn.

          Talk about family solidarity.

          The dog and I spent yesterday on the same diet – plain rice and shredded turkey.


  1. Does she have "sympathy pancreatitis"?

    Seriously, we go through this with Olga all the time. Olga tends to eat bizarre things and get stomach upset on a regular basis, and then it's always out to the lawn to eat grass.

    1. I think in another life she was a delicate human who spent her days on the fainting couch and complained of a "nervous stomach".

  2. Maybe she just over ate when you came back and it taxed her stomach. Bland is good. Hope you are both bouncing back soon. Love the "nervous stomach" image.

  3. Hopefully you avoided the throwing up on the neighbour's lawn part of the bond. And that you both feel much better soon.

  4. Poor Mamie, so worried about you that she became sick too. She'll be fine now that you are home again, it will just take a day or two maybe.

  5. It can be ominous when dogs or cats eat grass.

  6. Poor Mamie! She missed you and isn't herself and won't be until you're better. The bond between us and our furry family is not our imagination, is it? Both of you will get better now that you're together again. :-)


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