Friday, June 29, 2018

Evening Vegetables

     Maybe we spend too much time thinking about our dog’s day. With the goal of changing it up for her a little, the other evening we said the magic word – Car! – and took off for our town’s community garden.

          She snuffled, we strolled, everyone won. The air was perfect and the surroundings serene.

          There was whimsy.

          The flower bed literalists.



 Some who took their plot very seriously indeed. Note the solar electrified fence.


  And some who had really moved in.


     It was easy to fantasize about getting a plot of our own next year
and sitting in the evening enjoying what we’d accomplished. 
But then that would mean weeding and watering and weeding and watering and. . . Well, you get the idea.


  1. There is a huge waiting list for our community gardens which are still few and far between.
    I am glad that the three of you enjoyed your walk, wander and snuffle.

  2. Produce directly from the garden is many times better than store bought produce so I weed.

  3. perhaps you could get a very small plot so the weeding and watering isn't too onerous.

  4. My little community garden plot is 7' x 23' and it still seems huge when it comes to weeding and watering. But I love what comes out of it. :-)

  5. Something to do while Mimi putzes.

  6. You have to be quite dedicated to have a garden that you have to drive to to tend.

  7. I love the days when we eat from our garden. so fresh and nutritious.

  8. Sounds like being a visitor may be more up your alley! Mine too, when it come to vegetables -- I've never been much of a veg grower.

  9. I don't weed, I mulch. If I had to weed, I'd mow instead. =)
    But I love the idea of community gardens, and that sense of whimsy; says a LOT about the people who took this on.


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