Monday, May 28, 2018

Blue Velvet

A recent post by Fran, at Being Me, hit a familiar note for me. She writes of her hall carpet and the demands it makes on her time.

          I too thought a dark blue carpet would be a great idea. How could something the shade of indigo show dirt? And I was right. In all the years that I had it, it appeared grime free. For all we knew, there was enough soil lurking deep in our rug’s lush roots to re-sod the entire Oklahoma dust bowl.

          What I hadn’t factored in was my orange cat, or the fact the woman of the house (who shall remain nameless) also has shedding tendencies. There was also the day-to-day traffic back and forth through the house and to the upstairs, trailing string, threads, and whatever else failed to fall off in the kitchen on the way.

Then there’s the fact that the carpet was the path to the laundry area in the basement, the household lint headquarters. On banner days, a forgotten tissue would transform in the wash into flakes of confetti that would drift down merrily behind us as we carried our baskets upstairs.

On the plus side, one year when I was painting the front door the same shade, I spilled the entire can and no one was the wiser. ( When home projects bring on the blues )

The rug’s superhuman Magneto-like grip on the flotsam and jetsam of our lives drove me at first to kneel on the floor and scrub with the small hand attachment on my vacuum. That lost its charm pretty quickly and next came a massive – and expensive - upright vac so powerful that for safety I put the cats outside when I used it.

After 15 or so years of dealing with either constant vacuuming or living with a floor crosshatched with lint, fibers, and string, the final irony was that when we moved this year, we pulled the whole thing up to lure buyers with the pristine hardwood floors beneath.


  1. I hope you have had at least a small bit of time to enjoy those hardwood floors! :-)

  2. Probably hitting a chord with much of America. My first house, when the girls were two and four, had hardwood floors. Little feet make much noise on hardwood. I despised it, and, to my mother-in-law's complete disgust, carpeted it. I even carpeted the kitchen and bathrooms, to add insult to injury. When I sold the house twenty years later, for my asking price, three times what I paid, those hardwood floors dazzled. My total selling expense was pulling up the carpeting and painting the front door.

  3. When we re-did the bedrooms at our previous house, we put in deep colour carpets which looked really great ... after vacuuming. I have never vacuumed so much.

  4. We are leaning towards a return to hardwood. Our very light coloured carpet was not a good choice. And maps our lives with some permanent stains.

  5. I love hardwood floors, run the vacuum, run a damp mop, done. I currently have linoleum or vinyl, not sure which, it was here when I moved in and it's a light colour, with lighter coloured tracks where I walk from room to room. I should probably scrub it one of these days.

  6. It's like those old bathroom suite colours that used to be popular - dark green and dark brown. I mean, who thought of that? Toothpaste spots ... soap smears ... drip marks ... You can clean a sink like that and then five minutes later, yuk!

  7. I grew up with carpeting in the house except for the family room which had hardwood floors. all the houses I lived in as an adult had hardwood floors which I loved. the first thing I did when we bought the country house was pull up the nasty carpeting and had the hardwood floors underneath refinished. they are so much easier to keep clean and don't absorb odor like carpeting.

  8. Isn't it funny how carpet was "the thing" for so long, when hardwood floors are so beautiful? I would much rather have wood than carpeting.


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