Tuesday, April 3, 2018

Off Hiatus

Yes, I’ve been away.
We had a week-long influx of grandchildren, with the accompanying trips to the beach, meals out and meals in, stories to read, new board games to try, trips to the aquarium, a special day with Grandpa to an opening-day baseball game.

Then everyone rushed off to catch their flight, leaving behind signed seashells to go in the memory jar, laundry, and a too-quiet house. The house is now uncharacteristically clean (who would clean before children visit?) and we’re eating our way through treats that we usually never buy.

It took a few days to get our groove back. My Guy is finishing up taxes, I’ve sent two articles off for approval at my volunteer job, and emails are under control.

In front of my computer this morning, I checked out the latest national news and opinions, which drove me to a kinder, friendlier land, the blogging world.  After a week away, it’s almost like binge-watching your favorite show. I’m treating myself to a whole stack of goings-on with a small Welsh village and a certain bulldog, a former weaver in the Midwest, a gastronome in France, a Florida hippie grandmother and her poetry-like posts, an American who’s walking streets I’ve lived in London while I’m living on the Florida Gulf coast where he grew up, a Texas artist of glass, a septuagenarian Washington state sky diver, an Oregonian bird lover whose teen years apparently coincided only a few miles from my own in Northern Virginian, a North Carolina champeen apron maker on a little bitty farm, a saint-like Canadian fostering a staggering number of animals, a former teacher – also Canadian, a Midwestern physician who somehow finds time to also write books, and a woman facing a new life in Yorkshire. And so many more.

In fact, I’m only writing this post to justify my place out there with these people. Even though I enjoy reading the occasional political rant (if I agree with it, of course), it's usually a soothing place and I feel as though I need to contribute something, however paltry, to this world safe from uninformed, narcissistic, bigoted, corrupt – stop me now, I could go on and on – leaders.


  1. Hey, I'm in there! I recognized myself in your description, along with many of my favorite bloggers. And yes, it's a soothing place away from the awfulness of the news these days. I haven't thought of it before as a respite from the woes of the world, because several of my friends have issues of their own that are hard to deal with. But you're right. It's a good place to hang out, with good friends. :-)

  2. Oh dear. You reminded me of taxes. :(

  3. You are so right about the blogosphere. I also find it a warmer, gentler more welcoming world. And recognised quite a lot of the blogs you mentioned.

    1. Me too. And it is a much more welcoming world for sure.

  4. They too shall pass. The leaders, that is.

  5. thanks for the mention! I'm having to turn a blind eye and a deaf ear because every day it's worse and worse and I don't know if we can recover or if we will even have a democracy anymore. all I can do is vote and put as much love and acceptance out there as I can.

  6. Taking time with grandchildren beats blogging an a whole lot of other things.


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