Thursday, April 12, 2018

Fence Sitting

When my kids were young I worked the 3-11 shift two evenings a week as a unit secretary in the pediatrics ward of the local hospital. It was interesting work -  answering phones, scheduling tests, transcribing orders, and a hundred other tasks. I really enjoyed it, probably because it was part-time.

          I didn’t get tangled up in the day-to-day politics and feuds that you find in full-time jobs.

          Yesterday our condo had its monthly ladies luncheon. Nothing fancy – just a trip to a local restaurant for anyone who wants to go. I had a ride with the woman who organized it, B., and two other women.

B. is a semi-recent divorcee who is still finding her path on the road of single living. She can be a force of nature, isn’t short on opinion, but her heart’s in the right place. Still, if I pass her building walking Mamie (she’s on the third floor and her dog barks when he sees anyone from her porch), she’ll suddenly materialize as I round the corner. A little overwhelming.

          The day before the luncheon, my next door neighbor, S__y (who you’ll recall is the rebel duck feeder) asked if I needed a ride. I had already accepted B.’s offer, so I said no thanks.

          As we took our places at the table, B. somehow jumped ahead of someone I’d just been talking to and snagged the chair next to me. S__y was across from me, an interesting development since B. had been full of schemes to report S__y’s duck habits.

          We still had a few empty chairs, but were told more were on their way, a woman named C__y among them.

S___y immediately turned to her neighbor and began whispering.

          To bring you up to speed :

          S___y used to organize Thursday get-togethers, but somehow this put C__y’s nose out of joint.

          C___y organized Sunday get-togethers, which S___y and her husband never, ever attended. 

          We had an end-of-the-year pool party two weeks ago, organized by C__y.   S__y did not attend.

          S__y and friends threw together an impromptu pool party on Monday, but C__y did not attend.


          I love it here, but getting back home to Massachusetts next week is looking pretty good.

          There’s a lot to be said for part-time.


  1. I know garden club and book club ladies who don't talk to each other. What a waste.

  2. Sigh. Politicking (where-ever it occurs) is something I try and avoid.

  3. Socialization is great but sometimes it can go off the rails.

  4. Tacky, very tacky on the part of these women. But it makes for interesting speculation as to why. :-)

  5. Isn't that sort of petty feuding supposed to be left behind when High School is over?

  6. I think I get lost with the blanks, but I get the general idea about petty feelings and things.

    1. Just trying not to put in anyone's actual name. Instead of Cathy (not her name) I wrote C___y

  7. sounds like each sees you as a possible ally. you'd think that at this age women would be beyond all that.

  8. Don't you wish they would just get on with it and pull each others hair out and put an end to their pettiness:)


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