Friday, April 20, 2018

Call of the Road

And we're leaving why. . . . ?!


    The dog’s looking nervous, our meals are becoming stranger and stranger, and our clothing’s not much better.
We hit the road tomorrow for colder territory. This may seem difficult to justify since tomorrow in Florida it will be 85, while in Massachusetts the high will be 57. Still, other events await us up north so the drill here begins.

          I’ve examined the expiration dates on all the canned goods, put the flour in the freezer, and bagged up the unopened boxes of crackers and the giant container of oatmeal to bring with us.

          Tonight we’ll pull all the furniture in from the lanai (fancy name for our tiny porch) as a hurricane-preventive measure. In the morning we turn off the water, turn on the air conditioner (mold is a force of nature here), and put lids down on the toilets. (One rumor of rats swimming their way through the sewer system is enough for me.)

          We ate up the eggs this morning (not counting three hardboiled and ready for the road), and lunch looks like it’ll be one hot dog, a slice of pizza, and the remaining cottage cheese. Dinner could be tricky. We’ve been working our way through a bag of excellent salmon patties from Costco (the place where everything is sold in amounts suitable for the average Boy Scout troop), but I don’t know if I can face them again.

          Mamie refuses to walk further than 5 minutes from our door. I don’t know if she thinks I’m going to drop her leash and abandon her to a new feral life, but she definitely knows something’s up and is sticking close to home.

Our luggage. Bags =less space than suitcases.

          Our current outfits, even here in casual Florida, are getting sketchy. My shorts are on their second day. You hate to pack dirty clothes, and the ones left behind will sit for several months.  My birthday suit isn’t much better since I’m waiting to shower and wash my hair tonight so I’ll have one less thing to do at dawn tomorrow.


  Definitely a shower at the hotel, though. One reason we’re returning is the broken water heater back home, which means no hot showers until it’s fixed.

          There’s no place like home. There’s no place like home There’s no place like home.. .


  1. You are picking a pretty good time to return north as the weather seems to be changing as of now and should be quite good early next week.

    My eyes deceived me at first when I read this, "and put lids down on the toilets" and for a brief second saw lids as kids. I do this [misreading] quite a lot. It's just the way it is with me.

    Have a good trip.

    1. Funny! That adds a whole 'other deme sin, doesn't it?

  2. In all events, happy travels. Tell Mamie I said so.

  3. Such a confusing time for Mamie, but so many 'new' things to explore and sniff when you get there.

  4. I hope your travels will be unremarkable and that you enjoy your first shower at home, with hot water no less. :-)

  5. Ah yes, the life of a snowbird! Poor Mamie. Dogs are subjected to so much they don't understand!

  6. safe journey though I think you are crazy for abandoning Florida before the real heat and humidity sets in.

  7. I have heard that many people put Saran Wrap over their toilets so the water doesn't evaporate. Have a good trip! :)


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