Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Art and Reality

We’re among the few people who actually go to the movies. I don’t care what anyone says – seeing a movie in a theatre, when people can’t call from the kitchen to ask where the potato chips are, is just different.

          Still, a lot of them slip by us, so the other night we rented Miss Sloane on TV. It stars Jessica Chastain, who stars as a ruthless lobbyist in D.C. It’s an excellent character study, and if you like flawed protagonists, this is your movie.

          It’s billed as a political thriller, but in light of recent events the political side had as much impact as the thriller side. At the beginning her character is advocating for one group, but then switches camps to oppose them.

          The group? The NRA, and the issue is background checks on gun owners.

          Good movie, with a surprising twist at the end.


  1. Interesting -- and certainly timely. I haven't heard of this movie. Maybe it's not out in London yet?

  2. I love going to the movies. unfortunately there isn't a theater in this little town so it's a major effort to go to one. did recently see Black Panther though.

  3. Oh, this sounds interesting. I'll check it out. :-)

  4. We haven't even heard of that one out here, unless I missed it because I don't often keep track of what's coming.

  5. We have had a gift card for the movies for over a year now. We really should go.


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