Tuesday, January 23, 2018

On the Mend

After 24+ hours of not eating, lots of moping under the table, and after providing us with a bit too much liquid evidence, Mamie convinced us to take her to the vet.

          Problem is, we’re not at home so I needed to scout out someone here in Florida. A new veterinarian had just opened up, had been recommended by the groomer, and had the added allure of being only a mile away.

          They’d just opened two weeks ago, to the fanfare of an open house with a celebrity chef and a visit from the mayor. I figured with that high a profile the place couldn’t be too bad.

          When we walked in, I noticed how clean it was and for Mamie probably hadn’t had time to acquire the smell of fear and desperation. The staff was a bit new, too. The gentleman behind the counter (the doc’s dad) looked a bit flustered when the phone rang while he was checking me in and the tech had to return to the examining room to get Mamie weighed and still forgot to take her temp, but everyone eventually got it all together. Still, it was a little disconcerting that the doctor, who looked to be on break from his 10th grade biology class, squatted and then sat down on the floor for our consult.

          I was reassured later when I read all the magna cum laudes and past work experience on their website. It’s not every vet who has his dad, a former professor at Rutgers, behind the counter. And I was also happy to see that I even though I would have sworn the doc wasn’t a day over 22, he’d somehow had time to get a degree, put in several years at other facilities, marry and produce two kids, and still tour with the USA National Karate team.

All tuckered out.
          The cost was the same as a really enthusiastic trip to the grocery store, but our girl is feeling much better already.


  1. Sometimes I hear my mother saying "It's only money," weighing the cost of the money and what it was being spent for.

  2. "Feeling much better already" is worth all the reservations you might have had.

  3. Great to know you have found a place that sounds worth its weight in gold. And glad Mamie is feeling better! :-)

  4. gotta spend that money on something. might as well be on something you care about. glad Mamie is feeling better.

  5. Awww, poor Mamie! What was the diagnosis? Did she eat something that didn't agree with her?

    1. Not sure, but the antibiotic, anti-nausea shot, and Pepcid AC are doing the trick. She actually ate breakfast this morning.

  6. Lucky you to find help at the last minute! Glad your pet is on the mend. Now you have a vet down there!!

  7. Good vets are hard to find, glad you found one:)


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