Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Rooster Maneuvers

My Guy joined the usual suspects again this morning at the Village Store to do his part in drinking coffee and solving world issues. Some locals have labeled the store Town Hall Annex, due to the number of selectmen and town board members that tend to show up there to discuss issues large and small. I just know that without it we never would have found our house painter, plumber, or carpenter.

          Today one of the pressing topics was the local chicken by-law. Last spring at a closely watched town meeting the vote passed to permit chickens on non-farm properties, the only restrictions being the number of chickens and no roosters.

          Apparently lately there’s been a bit of back-and-forth between one homeowner and the building inspector, who’s received the unenviable duty of policing up any chicken violations. 

          The inspector discovered this homeowner was in possession of a rooster and fined him $25.

          In response, homeowner marched off to the internet and bought a certificate designating the rooster as a service animal.

          The inspector countered by informing homeowner that he needed a doctor’s signature to make the service designation legitimate, and levied an additional fine, this time of $50.

          Undefeated, homeowner returned to the internet, found some doctor (I’m sure with stellar qualifications), who for $179 pronounced the rooster as a true, legit service animal.

          Just imagine this gentleman carrying his service rooster into restaurants or stores, or sitting next to him on Jet Blue on his way down to Boca for the season.  
          Stay tuned for the next development. . .


  1. Christmas is known here as the 'silly season'. And this story fits right in. I am really looking forward to future developments. And hope the gentleman's fines were refunded.

  2. I could never top this one with my small town squabbles.

  3. I smell a shyster at work and council would do well to keep an eye on this one in case he tries to get away with more unacceptable things.

  4. what have they got against roosters? besides the crowing and all. gotta love someone who finds a way around.

  5. Well, you gotta admire the resourcefulness! That's one guy who really, really wants to keep his rooster.

  6. If you do not want to follow a law, there seem to be ways to get around it. Hope the neighbor does not wring that rooster's neck.


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