Tuesday, November 14, 2017

A day of no events at all

To give you an idea of the madcap, carefree life of being retired, here’s my Tuesday. 

          Woke up, and realized with no surprise that my cold is still with me. I’m now at the coughing up a lung stage.
Shuffled around with a cup of tea, praised Mamie after she delivered a pee and then a poop on her pad in the bathroom. Yes, I’m insanely spoiled to have adopted a dog that came pad trained. It was 29 degrees out at 7:30 this morning.
          Made French toast, watched a little news – bad idea. The news, not the toast. 
          Took Mamie out for a big walk around the condo complex. Forgot to wear a hat – another bad idea. Will an ear infection be next?
          Went with My Guy over to the tile restorer company to arrange for the Pepto-Bismal tile in the upstairs bath at the still-unsold house to be transformed into a tasteful off-white. At ginormous expense, by the way.
          Went to the *@#! unsold house to put the second coat of blue on the other upstairs bath while My Guy put a last coat on a bedroom.
           Came home (sainted My Guy stayed and blew leaves for another hour) where I was greeted – as usual – by Mamie as though I’d been gone to the North Pole and back. One mad-dash lap around the back yard calmed her down a tiny bit.
          Went out again to buy curtains for the now-blue bathroom to hide the fact that we should have also painted the window. No luck. Tomorrow I’ll pick up some fabric and make them.
          Walked Mamie.
          And here I am.


  1. If only all of the citizens of the us, and the world had had such a day....4 dead in a shooting in N. California, hundreds dead in shootings, bombings in the middle east and asia. probably thousands.
    I'm glad it didn't affect you or me.

  2. Feel better soon! The house will sell eventually! keep positive thoughts :)

  3. This house business is a test of wills! You will prevail.

  4. Feel better soon.
    On this side of the world we had some good news. Our government held a postal plebiscite so they didn't have to confront the same sex marriage issue. And the results are in. And are a resounding yes. Now, with luck our politicians will do something.
    I did see the news about the shootings in California. And my heart ached. Again.
    I hope your albatross takes flight soon.

  5. I laughed at your description of Mamie welcoming you home. And I also hope that house will sell quickly and be off your back. Feel better soon. :-)

  6. I hope that house sells very soon and you can forget about paint and tiles and yard work.

  7. all that work you are doing inside and the new owner will probably paint it again anyway.

  8. The things we go through for the sake of real estate! Here's hoping the scarcity of buyers doesn't continue.


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