Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Money Pit

Today it came close to 80 degrees, but still you can feel the change that’s waiting around the corner. It’s almost dark by dinner time and leaves are drifting down from the trees.

          Sadly, one thing that hasn’t changed is that our house is still on the market.

Back when we had a front yard.

           Add to that the heart-clenching cost of putting in our new septic system. 

         As I wrote before, everything, every possible aspect of it, failed the inspection. The tank – disintegrating. The pipes to the leach field – crumbling. The leach field – unreusable. 

          So, for a cost just slightly less than the cost of our entire first house, large men and larger machines are currently transforming our front yard, back yard, and a large portion of our woods into a facsimile of a strip mine in West Virginia. 
Our road to ruin

 The exact spot where we are literally flushing away our money.


  1. Aaaargh.
    I hope the money pit is soon off your hands. So much.

  2. Can you bump up the price a bit to cover the cost? Add it to the advertising list? "Brand new septic system!"

  3. This is something that town and city dwellers know nothing of. We've been lucky so far. I hope this ends soon for you! -Jenn

  4. I'm so sorry to learn of the money pit you are enduring and hope that it means your home will sell soon to a very fortunate buyer.

  5. the new system used down here doesn't use a drain field per se. it's a big tank with pipes to three or four sprinkler heads that raise up at some point during the night and sprays the 'water' on the surface of the 'drain field'. I suppose there is some sort of filter involved as it's supposed to be quite sanitary. I prefer the the system we've got...3 tanks and pipes to an underground drain field.

  6. Oh, yeesh. Sorry you couldn't sell it as-is! At least a new system should be an incentive to prospective buyers. (As I think we said before.)

    1. Yes, that's what we're hoping for. Not quite the same as a fancy updated kitchen, but infinitely more necessary.

  7. It should make it easier to sell. We updated ours last spring, it is expensive:(


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