Thursday, September 28, 2017

Lawn ornament

     Today I popped over to the house to see what shape the chrysanthemums I'd bought for the front pots were in. I decided they could make it a few more days and gave them some water. 
   But somehow I don't think the prospective buyers coming for the open house on Sunday are likely to pay them much attention. 
   Now we have a new ornament gracing our lawn. The septic guys are starting their magic tomorrow. Kinda wish they hadn't parked that behemoth right on top of our well, though.


  1. Rather bigger than a gnome (even a gnome with a fishing rod).
    Good luck. Perhaps prospective buyers will be impressed that you are undertaking work which means they don't have to.

  2. When the road guys would leave the front end loader in our top yard for the weekend, the grandkids were thrilled! Not quite that way at your house.

  3. So anyone who views your house knows right away there is a problem with the septic. On the other hand, they now right off that the septic is being fixed. which could be a good selling point.

  4. That's HUGE. I agree that it shouldn't be right there on top of your well. Good luck with your open house. :-)

  5. Yikes! Too bad they didn't start that AFTER the open house! I guess it's hard to coordinate all this activity, though! I'm going with the optimistic view that it will encourage buyers to know you're addressing the septic system's problems.


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