Monday, June 5, 2017

A Walk and Random Thoughts

          The weather here being distinctly un-June like, I put on my fleece and took Mamie for her afternoon walk.
Even with her stumpy little legs she needs some exercise since without it she tends to get the zoomies. Zoomies are what happens after I get home from an absence of more than 14 minutes – barking, mad dashes across the furniture and extended runs through the house.

          Since we live on a dead-end street with only three houses and a 45 degree incline, it’s easiest to pop her in the car and drive down the giant hill to the center of town.

        For Mamie, a walk is more about the sniff. There are all the dog messages to be gathered and all the mysterious animal smells to check out.

        Today, while I stood yet again waiting for her to sort out which she was dealing with, I noticed the rhododendron before me. I’ve never been a fan of them since they tend to get so ungainly and when not actually blooming they don’t do much for me.

       For some reason I looked at this one with fresh eyes and realized for the first time how sculptural they can be.


   We also passed by some ridiculously beautiful sights on this gray day.




    Here’s Mamie sniffing the boots filled with flowers at the base of a Little Free Library, (I've written about it before - Reading and Riding) which sits in front of a house so small and cute that you’re tempted to snap off a bit of siding to see if it’s made of sugar.  

It also came with a bit of history:


  1. Peemail can be fascinating can't it? (To dogs.)
    Loved walking with you both - and am a sucker for the delicate tracery of bare tree and shrub branches. Living filigree.

  2. Isn't the Little Free Library a perfect memorial for a librarian? Come to think of it, it would be for me, too (English teacher for 30+ years)!

  3. Ha Ha, the zoomies. I remember those from when my dog was a puppy. So many years ago now. I like the little Free Library. Here in Australia, and probably other places, I've seen "travelling books" with a sticker that says, "read me then leave me" and they're left at bus stops in railway stations, places like that.

  4. Never heard of the traveling books, but what friendly idea. Maybe we'd all be more inclined to buy books if we knew for a fact that we could easily pass them forward like that.

  5. I also enjoyed my walk with you and Mamie. I like EC's take on it: peemail. Dogs and their noses make me just a bit jealous with my inferior sniffer. We have several free libraries around town, but none with a history like this one. :-)

  6. Hmmmm.....still not a fan of rhododendron. I do love passing books along. And other perfectly good stuff.

  7. Isn't it amazing what we see when we walk at a dogs pace and not our own. My brother is an RV'er and he says almost all the parks have "take one, leave one" libraries.

  8. Love the sentiment of that little library. What a wonderful thing for that person to do!

  9. I enjoyed the walk with you and Mamie. Eli can stand and smell in one spot longer than any dog I've ever been around! I looked back at the Little Free Library. It is so cute, and just perfect! Makes you want to build one, doesn't it?


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