Saturday, October 15, 2016

We're not in Massachusetts anymore . . . .

We've left the land of apple cider and sunset colored leaves for two weeks. 

I didn't even need to see the palm tree outside our window to know I was in Florida. 
Two ads from the local paper were indications enough:


  1. About the only trip my diamonds would fund is to the local thrift store.

  2. Mine might get me to the Dairy Queen around the corner. . . . .

  3. From the sublime to the ridiculous. And back again.

  4. Ah, I kind of miss such nonsense since I left the sunshine state.

  5. Ha Ha. Only in Florida.
    My unused jewellery is mostly junk and selling it wouldn't get me enough to buy a bus ticket across town.

  6. Replies
    1. We're going back in about 10 days, but we'll be back for Januart, so yes, I guess so!

  7. I'm reasonably sure that Boobies ad wouldn't have been accepted back when I worked for the local paper! But newspapers these days need all the ad revenue they can get. I guess they're less discriminating. :)


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