Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Morning signs

How did your day begin?

Mine began too early since today is Mamie’s day to no longer produce puppies. Vet appointment for spaying is at 7:45.

We began with spectacular success:  we took our outside trip up to mailbox for the paper, and she peed!  This dog came to us trained to use pee pads in the house, which seems to be working, but I still think it’s weird so I’m very happy to actually witness a morning pee on grass as God intended. We pranced back to the house, both of our tails wagging.

Things were looking auspicious until upon checking my email I came to the Washington Post’s first headline for day:

        Toddler suffocated under beanbag chair as day-care employee sat on it      reading to the other children. Good grief. A projected afternoon with a drugged and coned dog who is still adjusting to living here now looks like a breeze.

Update – Dropped the dog off at the vet, where I’ll likely later be donating a kidney in order to pay for spaying, tartar scraping, and chip implanting this "free" dog. From there I went to a nearby discount store to pick up a vet-recommended dog crate in the hope that it will stem the separation-anxiety barking.

I strolled about, looking at merchandise I didn’t need and couldn’t use, but which still was tempting because it was cheap. All done, I wheeled my dog crate to the care and looked down for the first time that day. Apparently this new dog ownership has moved me to the distracted-mother-of-kids category, the women who find themselves at the bus stop with a pop tart stuck to their sweatshirt, or halfway to the grocery store in slippers.

I had rolled up my jeans to avoid wet cuffs during the 6:00 am
trip across the yard to the mailbox and had continued this fashion-forward look for the rest of the morning.


  1. Great post, I needed a laugh this morning. I so hope to have another dog sometime but a few things hold me back.I have a friend who has a blind dog and her floors are covered in pee pads and newspapers. I couldn't live like that. On the other hand having a pee pad trained dog appeals to me since I live in Oregon. I really would like a puppy in hopes of getting ahead of the barking problem from the get go. I also know a puppy is the last thing I need. I need a mature dog. I'm enjoying reading about your adventures.

  2. Hooray for peeing on the grass!
    I see nothing wrong with rolled up cuffs, it looks fine with the summery shoes and keeps your ankles cool.
    hope Mamie comes through the spaying with no problems. She's a lovely girl.

  3. I'm sure everybody thought you intended to start this new fashion trend. I hope the dog recovers quickly. I enjoyed this post but I'm glad it's you and not me. :-)

  4. That is your worst fashion faux pas?
    Consider me slinking off in shame.
    And hooray for outside piddling and wagging tails.

  5. Well, I'll bet nobody but you noticed the cool pant cuff!

  6. Mamie is adorable...have I already said that? I love her new hair cut. The cuff in your jeans looks rather cute with your sandals. I put a cuff in my jeans to walk Eli around the pond and that's with socks and crocs...a horrible look! Good thing nobody sees me out here in the woods.

  7. I geel that both you and your rescuewill understand each other very well. Rolled up jeans are my fav.

  8. Wear those cuffs rolled high with pride and set a new style. Actually a rerun style as we did that in the 50's.
    If the crate doesn't work, try a thundershirt also known as anxiety vests for dogs. I hear they work.


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