Sunday, September 11, 2016

Meditation on a telephone pole


Friday was groomer day and we have still another new dog to get used to after 
Mamie's major trim. 
Oh well, it will grow out.




    We’re a week into this new adventure of dog ownership and we’re still working through a few hiccups.

 It took Mamie only ten minutes to show the worth of the small temporary fence we had labored so long to put up in the backyard.

One minute she was there, and the next all I saw was her back end slithering right through the pickets.

          She may be a small dog that doesn’t shed, but much of our furniture is newly decorated with throws and towels.

          She’s bonded to me with great success. Good news, bad news. Whenever I leave, even if my sweet, patient husband is sitting right there, she gallops around the house with lots of barking and the occasional howl. He’s basically the bridesmaid and I’m the bride.

          Still, one thing I’d been hoping for is coming to pass. We’re getting more exercise each day. In an effort to distract her from missing her previous home, she’s been going on walks, lots of walks, which means we are, too. Now instead of collapsing on the couch after the exhaustion of eating dinner, we saddle up for a quick stroll through the center of town. Park in front of the big church, down Main Street two blocks, through the small park with the Civil War stature, another block to the library, around the library, and back again – about a mile.

          Last night just we girls went, and I discovered another unexpected benefit. It was darkening past twilight, the sky was becoming that blue-gray color, and the moon was shining through the trees. I stood there by the most popular telephone pole in town, waiting for action in the dog output department, and took it all in. 

Instead of my usual marching along, ignoring everything but the sound in my earplugs, I paid attention to the breeze and the crickets and the leaves against the sky.

          I’m learning to      just       slow      down.


  1. I have never realized that owning a dog can make you slow down...usually it is the other way around as you adjust to another life form in your home.

    1. Oh, there's been plenty of speeding up, too. Just when I'm ready to sit I realize she hasn't been outside for a while.

  2. She looks like a sweetie. And it's never a bad idea to get outdoors and smell the roses. :-)

  3. Just when I thought she couldn't be any cuter!

  4. She is adorable and it appears you have a smart dog that can problem solve. Have fun.
    If you ever resent any expenses she incurs, think of what she is saving you on gym memberships and therapy:))

  5. Pee-mail on the posts is always entrancing isn't it?
    Love that she is slowly settling, and giving you some precious moments.

  6. These little guys do all kinds of good things for us. It sounds like you're both hooked already.

  7. I keep telling my family I need a dog to help me get more exercise. So far nobody's buying it. Your new friend is very cute and looks like she's be easy to live.

  8. Learning to just slow down.
    I found that hard at first, but I love living at a slower pace now and I'm glad that Mamie is helping you do this too.
    She looks wonderful after her trim too, a really pretty girl.

  9. Dogs are definitely a great vehicle for learning that lesson! Olga is a great one for stopping and sniffing every ten feet -- talk about learned slowness! I love Mamie's trim job. She probably feels better too, with all that hair out of her eyes!

  10. Mamie thanks you all for your kind comments. And yes, Steve - I could never figure out how she could see anything. I wonder if the world looks different to her now.

  11. dogs are really good for getting us outside ourselves. we were not looking for a dog and then a little 3 month old puppy showed up and wouldn't leave. she has definitely brought more energy to the house, more laughter, and I swear my husband and I are getting along better.

    1. Funny how that works. We've had days where we're barely speaking to each other for some stupid reason or other, and one of our (now departed) cats would do something silly and he and I would re-connect. Sometimes you need a buffer.


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