Friday, July 29, 2016

Thanks, Donny

Again I find myself grateful to Donald Trump, although sadly, the first time my gratitude was premature. (Bless you, Donald Trump)

          Today, though, I realized that if he’s done one good thing in this world –and that estimate is probably accurate – he’s done it by just being himself. Thanks to his uneducated, small-minded, and pathological narcissism, he's legitimatized Hillary Clinton’s run for office.

          Now, instead of endless discussions filled with veiled misogyny about the idea of a woman as President, we are instead focusing on issues.

          A large part of the country (the majority, I hope) is so horrified by the prospect of someone who claims to “know more than the generals about Isis” getting into the oval office, the last thing on their minds is whether a woman can handle the job.

          That glass ceiling is disintegrating before our eyes. Who would have thought that The Donald would be the one to make it happen?


  1. For the first time in my life I watched both conventions. What a contrast!! Fact is people believe what they want to believe, not necessarily what's true, factual or makes good sense. Hillary has unfavorable ratings almost as high as Donald Trump. She will only win if Americans work very hard to defeat Trump. That means many will have to vote for Hillary, not because they want to, but because they want to defeat Trump.

  2. Sigh. On this side of the world I am watching in fascinated horror. Sadly that glass ceiling reforms quickly. Hopefully NOT before Hilary gets in.

  3. I am sad that it takes a pathological personality to move us in the direction of a broader view of leadership. I do think that all this hype about Hillary Clinton have very much to do with her gender. Some people are mad that a black man ran the country for 8 years and didn't destroy it, now they have to listen to someone who sounds like that mom/wife/grandmother/boss that they fear and hate, because she is so smart and so determined and calls them out on their shortcomings.

  4. I am hoping that Trump does not ever step into the Oval Office, unless it's on a tour. Donny? I've never heard him called that but I really love it! :-)

    1. Donny seems fitting for someone with the sensibilities (and sense) of a 13 year-old boy with an underdeveloped hypothalamus.


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