Monday, July 25, 2016


Does this make sense to you? 
Do my "native" hot houses differ in some magical "local" way from hot houses in say, Virginia or North Dakota?


  1. Interesting choice of words, for sure. :-)

  2. Perhaps they're an original type of hot house used by the very first ancient peoples that thought farming tomatoes was a good idea?
    Or perhaps it just means they are grown in hot houses local (native) to the area, not shipped in from hot houses elsewhere.

  3. Native is an interesting choice of words. It brings to mind all sorts of colorful possibilities, although I think they were searching for the word local (which, EUREKA! Is right below on another sign). Lol. Good find.

  4. I guess the advantage is that they're not shipped, thus reducing their (and your) carbon footprint. But yeah, they probably taste the same as hothouse tomatoes all over the world!


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