Thursday, March 3, 2016

The results are in

          My Super Tuesday posting is a tad late, but I’m going to blame it on my horror at the primary results for our town.

          I knew there were scads of Republicans in our small town, but I didn’t know we had scads of STUPID Republicans. We do have a knot of Tea Partiers, the kind of people who objected at the appointment of a mild-mannered and not very political Democrat to a town post with objections about “putting in a Socialist.” Most of these people have a very tenuous grip on facts, but I never realized they were so far removed from reality as to throw their hats into the Trump camp.

          There are people from outside politics who have switched to what’s euphemistically called “public service.” Just look at the entertainment world, with the most famous example being a grade B movie star who became President. There’s also Gopher (Fred Grandy) of the Love Boat, who served four terms as a Congressman for Iowa. Of course, as a magna cum laude graduate of Harvard he did have a few more credentials than just blowing a boatswain whistle. On the other side of the aisle is Al Franken, a writer and performer for fifteen years on Saturday Night Live. He’s a senator from Minnesota who’s currently pressing Republicans to cooperate in seating a new justice to the Supreme Court. 

          These are both entertainers who set aside comedy to take on the serious business of running our country. The scary (well, one of many) thing about Trump is that he doesn’t realize he is a comedy act. 

          Even former Minnesota Governor Jesse “The Body” Ventura, member of the World Wide Wrestling Hall of Fame, is looking preferable to Trump. He’s even considering a run for the White House under the Libertarian Party. Then again, as someone who’s admitted to being torn between Trump and Sanders (you know, because they’re so much alike), he’s scary in his own way.

          The Democratic Party had better step up its game because otherwise I may be joining a friend of mine who’s eyeing Halifax as a new hometown.



  1. This is a political revolution. We have the young set that are upset government is not doing its job and elders upset that government is not doing what it I am sympathetic to their frustration. But compromise is not a dirty word and this country will not change overnight...thank goodness. I am guessing political parties will slowly change and hopefully we will have more than just two!

  2. I knew there were scads of Republicans in our small town, but I didn’t know we had scads of STUPID Republicans.

    I love that line.

  3. I think there are just a lot of stupid people. Period.

  4. Sigh.
    From this side of the world I am watching. And more than a little anxious.

  5. I sometimes wish I were on the other side of the world with EC. It's scary here, really scary. :-(

    1. I second that. Although if Trump is ever in charge, there'll be nowhere to hide.

  6. decades of defunding education and this is what we end up with.

  7. Well, if one can take solace in this, note that Sander's vote numbers were higher than the wretched Trump.....take hope.

  8. I knew there were scads of Republicans in our small town, but I didn’t know we had scads of STUPID Republicans.

    Our primary is March 15. I'm anticipating the same statement about my township.


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