Saturday, September 26, 2015

Weltanschauung Experience

Yesterday’s sunshine and temp of 72 degrees called our creaky knees and aerobically deficient bodies outside.
A good thing, too, since now that our nights are plunging into the 40s, all I can think about is putting on socks and making soup. (Full disclosure, last week I socked away a vat each of beef vegetable and chicken noodle in the big freezer downstairs.)

          The days, though, are still beautiful. In the afternoon, once everything’s warmed up, you could almost convince yourself that it’s summer, as long as you divert your eyes from that one early branch with its orange leaves. 

          It’s a bit of a drive, but we chose the bike path in Northampton. It’s a good straight one, even if the beginning is a gradual sneaky hill that can rattle the resolve of someone (who will remain nameless) whose only biking skill is coasting. 

          Northampton is a Mecca for alternative life styles and creative thinking, and so I was delighted, but not surprised, by this rest stop we found halfway down the path. 

It was a big handcrafted stone bench tucked into a glade of bushes and offered any number of conveniences. 

You could freshen your tires 

   and recycle
your traveling

Apparently, you could even make a phone call,

   but don't forget to contribute to the 
  general effort. 

And typical of Northampton, this was a haven welcoming to all:


  1. Just lovely.
    Love the welcome signs too. And would very much like to see more of them.

  2. Ohh, I would love to live in Northampton. I'd fit right in, it seems. Thanks for the tour. And the bench. :-)

  3. Wow, I have never seen anything like that. Someone went to a lot of trouble to be welcoming.

  4. An unusual rest stop for sure. I probably would not want to stop there and linger too long.

  5. Love all these beautiful photos and the welcoming community. I wish we had such here. It is still muggy and raining and in the final leg of hurricane season. Best to you and thanks for coming by the blog the other day.

  6. Cycling is a great way to see things. I hope you had a helmet, a bell and rearview mirror.

    1. Yes, Red. The way I bike, all three are vital.

  7. Such a welcoming place! I love the stone bench.
    We had a glorious spring day here in Adelaide, so warm I thought about wearing shorts.

  8. I've never been to Northampton, but this is how I always imagined it. One of these days!

  9. What a cool place!! I like the folks that live here.

  10. yes, very cool. an individual is responsible for this?


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