Tuesday, September 8, 2015

The Shower of the Century

      After years – and I mean years – of our family cooking along quietly, we are now on a roller coaster of events, one seemingly right after another.
For the past five or six years, we had no births, and thankfully, no deaths; whoever was dating someone held the course (okay, we did have one really great wedding); and everyone stayed put, with no major moves. 

          Now we’re dashing to weddings, wrapping shower gifts (wait – is this baby or bridal?), congratulating the newly engaged, and trying to figure out what to wear to a Bar Mitzvah. It’s a world gone mad.

          This past weekend was the shower for our niece and nephew, who are expecting their first. Saturday morning, when I wrestled the changing table, pad for the changing table, and covers for the pad for the changing table into my car, I had no idea that soon I would be entering a New Dimension . . . .the Dimension of:


          What is the most remarkable is that everything you see was put together by the new mom’s mother and family – cupcakes, Oreo pops, decorations. 

    These are people who seriously know how to stage an event. 

          In my family we’d probably pull up a few chairs, open some presents, and if we got really crazy, make a hat out of the ribbons.


   Oh, and did I mention that we had filet mignon, cooked to order?

          I hope she’s planning on a large family.


  1. There's always something new coming along. Attending events these days you really have to wonder what you're at.

  2. Wow. In my family cutting sandwiches into triangles made it celebratory. And I don't remember ever seeing decorations...
    Love that you have entered a celebratory slice of life.

  3. Oh, Marty, I am so with you. I've been known to put gifts in brown paper lunch bags. My very best to the expecting new parents.

  4. Wow! What a fabulously decorated party. Do they own a catering company?
    I'm completely hopeless at any form of entertaining.

  5. I hope they are saving for college.

  6. My family would be more like your family. We're all about minimalist celebrations!

  7. It is pretty, but certainly different than any baby shower I've been to.

  8. Filet mignon?? Goodness I'd better start attending these instead of just sending a present.


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