Friday, August 21, 2015


          The pile of improbably-colored sneakers is gone, the doorknobs are de-stickified, and the two-inch-deep aggregate of popcorn has been scraped from the kitchen floor. The house is silent. 

The grandsons are now home, returned to the bosom of New Jersey. 

After this past weekend’s family wedding, the two older boys stayed behind for a few days with the older generation. And we all did pretty darn well, in spite of being in the middle of a relentless heat wave. 

We love our small New England town, but it doesn’t exactly offer a Disney World of activities. Still, in two and a half days we did manage to come up with:

- One-on-one basketball at the Y  (Indoor of course, with the temp outside at

   94 degrees.)

- A dip in the town pond (Which, in spite of the weeds, received an enthusiastic seal of approval from these pool-raised boys.)

- Par 3 golf for one grandson (In which Grandma learned that a thirteen-year-old with absolutely no experience can sink a putt from twelve feet away, while she is still challenged by a distance of eight inches.)



- Batting cages for grandboy #2 (In which Grandpa later learned why he reeely should have stretched out beforehand.)


- An evening cheering the Red Sox’s minor league team, the Paw Sox, in Road

   Island (It was no-peanut night, so Grandma’s smuggled bags of peanuts went

   untouched, but we did manage to consume our share of pizza, hot dogs, and

   ice cream.)

- The new movie Ant Man (Quite good is spite of all that dialogue and those icky romantic scenes.)

- And an afternoon of go-karts followed by time in the facility’s blissfully air-conditioned arcade.
(Both Grandma, and especially 6’2” Grandpa, discovered

   that go-karts are better left to the younger set.)

          I learned that I truly am terrible at Stratego, Crazy Eights can become addictive, and even if I do have a Masters in English, anyone in the family can beat me at Scrabble. 

      We also experienced the glorious stillness that can settle upon a house with an iPad for each member, we rediscovered old Marx Brothers movies, and we remembered that kids put to bed don’t necessarily stay put to bed. 

          Everyone bounced back quickly when we delivered them home, but once back in Massachusetts, Grandpa and I have become reacquainted with the joy of napping.



  1. It sounds wonderful - but naps are bliss. As is having the house to yourself again. Till next time.

  2. Quite a week anywhere, but especially in GP Land.

  3. You learned an "awful lot". However it is fun to have grandkids stay and then keep them entertained. Isn't the quiet astounding once they're gone?

  4. What a wonderful treat. Making memories.

  5. You enjoy them so much, but isn't it just blissful when your home is your own again?
    Two inches of popcorn aggregate would drive me around the bend. I can't stand walking on crunch when I know the floor is supposed to be smooth.

  6. You described it so well and gave me some ideas for my grandson as he grows older. There is not much to do in the farming town!! And he has experienced it ALL..

  7. I remember those days, and miss them! It was the dripping popsicles that drove me crazy. Sounds like you found lots of fun things to do. Oh Marty, I am over half way through your book and enjoying every word.

    1. Yes, we had a fun time. I'd forgotten the bonus of having kids: getting to do things you normally wouldn't get around to as an adult.
      And the news that you like my book inspires me to get back to work on book #3 today!!

  8. wow, you squeezed in a lot in just a few days. I love when my grandkids come but the first few days after they are gone are so peacefully void of any activity.

  9. You did a great job of entertaining. Well done. And now the silence is deafening.

  10. Sounds like a terrific visit! I've never heard of "no-peanut day" at a ballgame. For allergies, I presume?

    I don't remember how to play Crazy Eights but I loved it as a kid. I liked the Marx Brothers, too, and I haven't seen one of those movies in FOREVER. Maybe we should rent one tonight?!

    1. Yes, a "no peanut day" sounds downright un-American, but it apparently refers to peanuts in the shell and the mess they make.

  11. I think you managed to find a lot to do, especially in the heat. I get to see my grandboys in 2 weeks and I can't wait! I hope you got in lots of naps this weekend to recharge your batteries.


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