Friday, August 14, 2015

Busy, Busy

 Well, by 10 this morning, I had:

- Driven and delivered husband to his colonoscopy appointment 
- Had blood drawn for my own doctor 
- Picked up 1 dozen bagels
- Bought a gift certificate for grandson #2
- Picked up said husband and delivered him home, while nodding  
   at, but disregarding most of his conversation. (One thing you can 
   say about that procedure is that the drugs are nifty )
- Out again to return a purchase at Sears
- Order a return address hand stamp as a house-warming gift for a friend. (. Very clever idea, if I do say so myself)

And now to sit with a good book - and likely a nap - before the arrival and happy chaos of 6 days of grandsons.. 


  1. Yes, I remember how good I felt for the entire day after my own procedure. Versed is an interesting drug. :-)

  2. V busy indeed. The nap sounds good.
    Have fun in the happy chaos.

  3. You did get a lot done! Hope you get that nap before the fun begins. I remember those days with my three grandsons. They are grown up now.

  4. Wine with that book? Have a grand time.

  5. By the time you've starved for 24 hours and had your sedative and the procedure , you're not good for anything.

  6. My drugs didn't work. I was awake for the whole procedure, and the doc and staff were practically having a party.

    1. Truly, OMG! I don't want to know what anyone else is doing while I'm there.

  7. I hope you opted for the nap and enjoyed it!

  8. Hope both your results were happy ones. That was a full day, rest easy.

  9. several naps are probably in order before the grandsons arrive.

  10. Six days with grandsons will make this day seem like a picnic!

  11. Six days of grandsons!
    Better stock up on the snacks and ice cream.
    And put your feet up as often as you can.
    Hey! Teach them how to massage your feet!


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