Sunday, April 19, 2015

Ta Da!

     Yesterday’s weather was flawless – sunny, 72 degrees – so what better way to spend it than shoveling off the porch.
Sure, we begin each September with a porch as tidy as a warm June day, but something happens as the fall morphs into winter.

          Things begin to appear.

Golf clubs that were just too much effort to lift up into the storage space above the garage.



That lantern with the dead battery 
that still hasn't made it to the dump - 
aka recycling center. (We would be recycling it at home if a new battery didn't cost more than the lamp.)

 The collection of bird seed. 
 The porch is so handy to the deck where all the bird feeders are. 
 (And the birds who spend the winter enthusiastically spewing seed husks and other things we won't mention in a 15 foot radius.) 
      Then the fall drifted into winter, so next came the family snowblower's collection of hats, mittens, and boot liners.
    Plus a package of new crossbars for the broken screen door and some miscellaneous chunks of wood for I don't know what.


Boxes from all that Christmas mail ordering. Never know when you're going to need a box.
 (Uh oh. We seem to be shifting from momentary parking to long-term storage.)

 Sections of the Christmas tree. 
(Couldn't get through the four feet of snow - and no, I'm not exaggerating - to put it in the shed where it lives most of the year.)

    You may recall the living room ceiling repair from January.( Chicken Little Wasn't Kidding ) I have no idea why we were saving the discarded pipe sections. 
    Never know when you might need 6 inches of corroded pipe?

The arrival of the lighted globe was a true harbinger of spring. Until the end of March we couldn't even reach it out in the yard because of all the snow. 

But then.    Finally.     At last :
         Ta Da!



  1. It looks so lovely. What a delightful place to put up your feet and read.

  2. Everybody has to have a place to put junk! And then like your post describes there's a day of reckoning and everybody has to clean things up. Now you're ready for summer.

  3. We are so alike it is scary. Only we have kids toys. Bags of stuff to go to Vt and a bag of clothes pins I forgot were there. Haven't hung out clothes for over 10 years. Hope I have a talk da moment soon.

  4. Love your porch, can certainly understand how snow can drive you to using it as a catch all. It's our closets that get filled to overflowing.

  5. Since you have completed this will you come do mine?

    Wonderful job. I hope I get inspired to do the same.

  6. Now that's a beautiful spot, I have to say I really would love to hang out there. And of course you've got to have a place for short-term storage. :-)

  7. What is your secret? I like your lamps!

  8. What a great porch, glad you could reclaim it. My shed looked like your winter porch and I had no snow as an excuse.

  9. My back porch is a catch-all area too. When I first moved in I planned on using it as a seating area, it would be lovely and shady on a summer day, but it isn't quite wide enough although it is as long as the flat, there are just too many things that live there permanently. Plus it catches all the smoke from the surrounding tenants, mostly cigarette smoke, some of the illegal kind too.

  10. Nice, decent-sized porch!

    Minneapolis is just now waking up after too much time in the dark and the cold. Green has appeared -- just barely! -- on the trees. We are giddy with it.:-)


  11. holy cow! all that stuff was in there and the furniture!?

  12. Well, what a relief it must be to have all that stuff out of there!

  13. Lovely porch-so nice and neat.. and I can't even imagine all of that stuff fitting in there!


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