Saturday, March 14, 2015

Over and Done

     I was on my appointed rounds today when I noticed an unexpected change in the scenery – a SOLD sign on a long-derelict building that sits on the state road through town.
          Old-timers in town still refer to it as Belli’s, but it’s had a few other names over the years. It began around 1926 as a candy store, owned by a man named Santi Belli. It passed through the family, and on to other owners before it closed in the early 60s. At its zenith it had been known as a happening spot, a local nightclub boasting 300 tables, and even at one point, cage dancers. It was big doings. 

          For the past eight years or more it’s just sat by the road, looking sadder and sadder, its roof collapsing and vines climbing over the windows. Its glory days were as long gone as the customers who would go to drink highballs and dance to big band music.
          The SOLD sign is a welcome one to our town officials who were about to take on the responsibility – and major cost – of tearing it down and dealing with whatever environmental issues would ensue.

          Kind of sad that the only thoughts anyone has about the place now are relief that it’s about to disappear.  


  1. I believe the old girl's happy about the sale, too.

  2. Yikes! In that kind of shape and it was still worth $260K? I guess I don't know the value of land these days. :-)

  3. A little bit of history gone.....

  4. I guess it was a land sale then. Wonder what they are going to put there instead.

  5. I hope someone with a little foresight buys and renovates it, maybe as a small hotel or a bed and breakfast place.

  6. I hope it is not completely destroyed but restored to some of it's former glory. We old folks think like that.

    1. Sorry Patti - It had reached such a state that the Fire Department put a big white X on it to indicate that it too dangerous to enter in the even of a fire.

  7. Well, everything has a life span, I suppose. And $260K seems inexpensive to me, for a commercial building and commercial land with parking -- even if it's ultimately a tear-down.

  8. Thats too bad, it looks like a very interesting building in it's day...dancers in cages oh my:)


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