Monday, March 23, 2015

Heading Home


Good news: after a week of steady sun, the first drop of rain fell as soon as we shut the car doors to leave.

Bad news: blinding downpour - the kind where you can barely see to drive but can't pull over for fear you'll be hit - on the highway to the airport, slowing us down. This was a bit of a concern since we were already running late. 

Good news: the rain stopped just before we reached the airport so we got from Hertz to the terminal dry and wouldn't have to sit soggy and sad for four hours.

Bad news: our plane was delayed an hour.  
Good news: our plane was delayed an hour - we're not late after all. 


  1. Yay! Sounds like it was perfect, and that your guardian angels were busy working overtime. :-)

  2. You must have had a pocket full of four leaf clovers. Even the bad was good. So sorry it is over.

  3. Your final good news is the best bit. You didn't miss your plane.

  4. And so it goes. The mysteries of travel! Bon voyage!

  5. Glad you got sun.
    Regarding your pic, I used to want to be one of those luggage loaders. You could skip the gym, and get free flights.

  6. you timed that just right. sometimes the universe does everything right.


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