Thursday, January 8, 2015

EGG Sitting

      An arctic blast is sweeping the US this week, and our travel plans played to our advantage. We headed south - to western New Jersey where this morning it was a tropical 8 degrees compared to our own western Massachusetts' 1.  
 We had promised to babysit the EGGs, our clutch of grandboys so named because of their first initials. 
     Our daughter was much, much smarter. She left early this morning to join her husband for the last four days of his business trip in Puerto Rico.

   The schedule for the morning as it was related to me:

10 year-old will jump up on his own at 6:30.
5 year-old will need to be cajoled up at the same hour. 
12 year old will blissfully sleep until 7:30, when the first two go, since he leaves later. I was warned that he might need a fair amount of supervision to get his morning self out of the door at 8:15.

    Actual events:

Everyone was up and bouncing around from bedroom to bedroom at 6:25.

10 year-old, as expected, was chugging along right on schedule. 
    He was dressed and downstairs by 6:35.
    This was probably since, as he informed me, he'd been up since 
    5:00.  He pretty much keeps track of when everything should 
    happen and where everyone should be at all times, so he was 
    likely making sure Mom got out the door for 5:15.
5 year-old was bright-eyed and bushy-tailed and cheerfully dressed    
    himself and bopped downstairs by 6:40.
12 year-old, the one who usually needs reminders, motivating   
     speeches, and brass bands before he's in his clothes, was smiling
     and downstairs by 6:45. He even allowed me to talk him out of 
     his original ensemble of shorts with only microscopic resistance. 

We got some form of breakfast in everyone, lunch money handed out, water bottles filled, back packs gathered and everyone to their  various bus stops on time. 

(I'm sure there's no need to mention to Mom anything about 7 AM video games or that I caved and let the kindergartener leave with his gloves in his pockets instead of on his hands. . . . )

Afternoon projection? 
   Naps for sleep deprived grandparents.
   Everyone home from school
   Play date for 5 year old.
   Possible friend over for 10 year old
   Basketball practice for 12 year old.


And finally - 
     E's come a long way in his reading skills. I wonder if he'll read me a bedtime story since I may be in bed before him. 


  1. Sounds like a day of mine. Seventy two, and only five more years until the little one leaves for college, though I doubt it ends then.
    Although I must add, darling as those boys sound, I still think girls are easier. My lot get themselves up and going.

  2. You've got your hands full lol.

  3. I miss reading to my kid.

  4. My grands are all teens now but even so I'm glad I don't have to be the one that gets them to and from school and to and from their various jobs.

  5. I have a similar experience at the end of this month. Taking notes from you right now.

  6. And I can tell that you are enjoying every minute of this. You forgot to mention the phones!

  7. They are lucky to have you! Some of the best times spent with our grands has been when the parents were away! :)

  8. When I read EGG sitting I thought you meant actual eggs in a hatchery, keeping them warm etc. Sitting the grandkids is a much more fun exercise.

  9. I laughed at the acronym, too. It tired me out just to read about it! Get lots of rest while they're at school and you should survive. But I'll bet you do have fun with them as well. They must love their grands. :-)

  10. You are sure to be worn out! I remember those days. It would be hard to do that on a daily basis.

  11. Sounds incredibly organized. Amen for afternoon naps. Enjoy that balmy 8 degrees. .


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