Friday, January 23, 2015

Chicken Little Wasn't Kidding

          After two major holidays with all its visits and happy noise, life had simmered back down to tranquil routine.
Mr. WW and I returned to our morning visits to the YMCA (me) and to coffee with cronies in the center of town (him). Once again we were running errands, returning to meetings (me - town cultural commission, Monday night fiction writing gang, Wednesday writing workshop) (him - town finance, hobby crew, a painting workshop or two), and enjoying the occasional afternoon nap over a good book. Life was good.
          There was that stain on the living room ceiling but it didn’t look too ominous . . . . and anyway, we had made plans for a future visit by someone to touch it up. Then as I was watching the Property Brothers’ renovations for a beaming young couple, I heard a new sound.
A drip. And then another one. I looked over to see not only water, but ceiling where it shouldn’t be – on the floor.

          Two dishpans and a call to the insurance company later, and our once quiet house had new visitors. 
Dave and Dave arrived to saw a hole in the ceiling and leave their loud, squat friends Fan 1 and Fan 2, along with their cousin Giant Dehumidifier. We will be hosting F, F, and G for three days (at least), during which time they will continue their very realistic imitations of a jet engine. Right under the bedroom, I might add.

          We also get to practice our footwork while navigating the extra rugs and the line leading from Giant D. out of the living room, through the dining room and into the kitchen.  Fixing dinner will have an exciting new element as I work around the hose snaking up my cupboards, across my counter, and into the sink.

          Since Lenny, our good friend and plumber, can’t get here until Tuesday, I’m grateful Mr. WW added another item to our DIY list of accomplishments by temporarily patching the guilty pipe himself so we could turn the water back on. Five days of no bathing might have pushed our fortitude – and harmony -  too far.
           In the meantime, I've retreated to my office to commune with my new curtains.


  1. My sympathies. Not too long after we moved in to the country house we woke one morning to find the drip pan under the central air unit ad over flowed and water was dripping on the dining room table. Turns out the hose that led from the drip pan in the attic to the outdoors was clogged up. guess who was twisting and turning and crouching on toes to get it unclogged. still haven't patched the ceiling though.

  2. Thank goodness for insurance eh?

  3. Ditto Delores. It was good for the water accident we had.

  4. So this was a plumbing leak? We have small spots on our ceiling in just a few places and I think it is water from rains that follow down the chimney. Not bad enough to do anythng...yet!

    1. Get it checked before or in case major damage happens.

  5. Now that does NOT look like fun. Those fans are huge, and I think I can hear them over here if I stick my head out the door. :-)

  6. A broken pipe is one of the easier problems. It could have been a roof that needed replacement. I hope everything goes well and that you get back to the regular routine

  7. Oh my what a project...good thing you were home:)

  8. Never ignore the stain on the ceiling. Good lesson, one which I will remember forever, since there is a whole other flat above mine.

  9. Oh, man. What a nightmare. Maybe this happened because you were watching a property renovations show? :)

    (How did I get so far behind on your blog?!)


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