Saturday, December 13, 2014

Candy and Lights

The gingerbread competition at our local museum was pretty fierce this year.

Some of the entries were of the traditional variety

While others were thinking a bit more out of the box.
Jules Verne's 20 Thousand Leagues Under the Sea

Jack and the Beanstalk

Even Smaug the dragon, from The Hobbit
           I came home, stared into our frosted woods and decided it  
                was time to put out a few decorations myself. 

Nowadays Santa only fills the first three. 

The other decorator in the house gets into the act, too.
Here's just one portion of his annual display, which is an eclectic mix of Santas and soldiers.

As the resident artist, he also turns out holiday art for the walls.

          In fact, you never know 
     where he'll strike next.


  1. I love that aquarium gingerbread house! And you now have done it up yourself, looking very Christmasy in your world! :-)

  2. You're looking festive indeed.

  3. I love to see other people's decorations but I pretty much ignore it myself.

  4. I like the frosted woods. :)

  5. The Jules Verne entry definitely wins the prize, I think! Bravo for decorating! I'm like Ellen -- we haven't done a thing around here.

  6. Your decorations are lovely, I like the Santas and Soldiers too.

  7. I like it all. The mantle, the Santas and Soldiers, the art! The icy trees outside are pretty too!


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