Monday, November 3, 2014

Completely Random Monday Musings

Have you ever thought about what someone inevitably says as he‘s standing there on a stage, a beaming dignitary having just handed him a medal or trophy or plaque?

“This is such an honor.”

Well, yeah, it is, but isn’t it tacky to point that out? 
Rather than commenting on how humbled he is, how undeserving, he’s saying:

“Hey! This is a big honor, and look! I'm the one who got it!


We have stubborn shrubbery. 

Yes, our maples turn a stunning banana yellow, our tiny Japanese maple is a shifting to a deeper red, and the sumac is gorgeous even if it is basically a weed.

In yards across our area everyone’s Burning Bush is doing just that – transforming from just another green bush, indistinguishable from any other bush, into a thing of beauty, blazing scarlet in the sunshine. 
Ours – nope.

Every year it obstinately digs its roots deeper in the ground and refuses to turn.

It will sit there, bright green and losing nary a leaf as though the calendar says August instead of November. Not until everything around it is reduced to bare twigs will it condescend to change color. Then it will grudgingly turn a stunning red and then drop all its leaves after about 48 hours.

What a primadonna.


  1. I don't think it really matters what you say when presented with an award, somehow whatever you say will sound like "it's all about me" and that particular point in is.

  2. Primadonna? What an accurate term!

  3. Everlasting green soil, I guess. You may be sitting on a gold mine.

  4. You made me laugh about your prima donna bush. :-)

  5. That's exactly what I think about my yellow belle (forsynthia) just sits there and thinks about maybe blooming one little tiny limb of yellow flowers which proceed to drop off the limb in about three is pathetic. :)


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