Thursday, October 23, 2014

One of a Kind

Words for Wednesday is a writing prompt that can be found at

Under the Porchlight

This week's words are
necktie, utopian, spinster, plagiarism, automatic, devout

Louise adjusted her necktie in the reflection hanging on the ladies' room wall.
It was her silent, sardonic statement on the hand life had dealt her. In a perfect world mirrors wouldn't exist and the urge to judge people based on their looks wouldn't be automatic, she thought, not for the first time. She was a spinster, cursed with a beauty so rare and daunting that it had driven away all suitors. Her utopian dream evaporated as she returned to her solace, her work.  As a researcher for Reeders and Skribes Publishing, it was her task to uncover any possible plagiarism in a work before the company committed it to print. 

     It was ironic, she whose life had been marred by the curse of her very uniqueness, had become a devout protector of the value of singularity. 


  1. This may be the best Wednesdays Words I have read yet.

  2. My goodness. Thank you Delores.

  3. I wish I had taken your writing class instead of the one I really took at Community College.

  4. This is good! I like the name Reeders and Skribes.
    I feel a little sad for Louise though, she has a lonely life.


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