Monday, September 1, 2014

Small Town Stroll

It was quiet out this Labor Day morning

This morning I didn’t have the excuse of rain or some early-morning errand to keep me from my morning walk.  If I don’t jump up and get out before I have time to think about it, I’d never get any exercise at all.

Come with me and get a glimpse of our small town.
This is one of the routes I take – right down Main Street.

This fence is one of my favorites.

Our sidewalks can make walking a challenge sometimes. 

But there are visual payoffs along the way.

This house always has an amazing array of flowers. After that I spotted someone else who was out early. 

Next came an elementary school and right down the road from that, our shiny new high school, only two years old. 

I startled a flock of birds along the way and then turned to see the play of light on our town's hills as the sun tried to break through the early-morning fog. 

What looks here like a like any old overgrown field is actually evidence of nature's ability to bounce back. 
This portion of town was decimated by major tornado in 2011. 

Next, a different kind of town history.

An old school that now serves at a gathering point for play groups.

A sweet old house that has seen better days. 

Good fences make good neighbors.

And sometimes people need to be reminded that this lane is part of a working farm. 

Almost done, but first we pass a house re-purposed as a B &B:

And we finish up at another historic home that I remember someone telling me once boasted a ball room.       

A two-mile walk with none of the exertion!  Thanks for joining me. 


  1. And some New England charm, too. Now, time for breakfast.

  2. I hope you take your camera with you for a few more walks. You found many interesting things on a two mile walk.

  3. Thanks for visiting my blog! I am sure that your walk was healthy and you are certainly observant of your little town. Most of us see things day after day and do not really see.

  4. That was a good idea! I might copy it. :)

    1. Please do! I'd love to see a glimpse of your corner of the world.

  5. It's too damn hot and humid to get out and walk here. besides all you would see if I took pictures is cotton and cotton and more cotton.


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