Sunday, August 10, 2014

Last traces of the beach

We shook the last of Cape Cod off our sandals and headed home yesterday.

Well, not quite all the traces.

After 7 days of hauling beach chairs, beach bags, and ourselves back and forth, the car needed a good cleaning, inside and out. I took out my bucket, my vacuum, and lots of paper towels and even put a CD on in the car to listen to as I worked. Maybe I could have a new career as a car detailer if my back didn’t limit me to one vehicle a day.

I vacuumed, I polished, I took out the rugs, I washed off all the bugs and polished up the windows – all the while enjoying a favorite album.

Then I decided I’d better get my baby into the garage before a bird or spec of dust visited. 

You guessed it. Over-taxed battery.

But look how sparkly my windshield is!

I may not be able to move it, but it sure looks nice in the driveway. 


  1. Good job! You are shaming me into cleaning up my car.

  2. I looked at all the vacation bugs on my windshield and decided to wait for the rain.

  3. must have been some great tunes if they pulled all the energy out of your battery.

  4. I was just contemplating my dusty vehicle today and managed to put it off. Now you are making me rethink that. I will listen to an outside source of music though. Lesson learned. Thanks.


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