Monday, August 18, 2014

Beware: Zumba Zone

             Today I finally was able to make it to water aerobics.
Even though it’s available three mornings a week, lately I always seem to be busy.

 I put on my suit, with street clothes over - so I don’t frighten the horses and small children - and motored off to our local Y.

          I knew the class would be a nice change from my morning walk and give me a good workout. I’ve discovered that if I actually do the exercises and don’t just vaguely wave my arms through the water and chat, like the majority of the people that go, it can be pretty challenging.

          I opened the door from the locker room into the pool and was assailed by a blast of music. The same sea of grey-haired women filled the pool, the same lifeguard was there, but there was a wildly frenetic woman jittering away by the side of the pool. 

        Dear God, I’d wandered into Zumba water aerobics.

          Having already suited up and made the drive across town, I figured I might as well give it a shot. I descended into the pool and found an empty spot. The ladies around me were smiling, how bad could this be?

          And then we were off – the instructor side-stepping and waving her arms on land while we tried to both anticipate the next move and achieve it, slowed as we were by the element of water. Most of the grandmotherly types around me seemed a bit stunned by the Latin rhythms blasting from the boom box.
          It  reminded me why I had never taken to standard aerobics. I inevitably looked like the one Rockette who hadn’t gotten the memo.

          Whether or not we got any exercise is questionable; the movements consisted mostly of side steps and arm waves. In reality, it was much less taxing – at least physically - than the standard, non-musical class.

          The instructor, however, was having a wonderful time, making faces and shimmying in her color-coordinated shorts, tank, and sneakers.  She gyrated up there on her tile stage, hooting with each motion and clapping her hands while her audience kept its eyes fixed on her every gesture.

          My daily arthritic issues might still be unresolved, but one person’s need for the spotlight had been met. 


  1. Kudos for falling into line and not bolting. Moving in water is good and like you said. she had a blast and you got a cool blog post.

    1. Too funny, Patti! Trust a fellow blogger to understand the real value of the experience!

  2. How funny, that you walked into a Zumba class. I did not know that was done in water. You were brave to stay and give it a try.
    I do water aerobics in the winter and have the same experience as you - the groups of ladies standing in the pool and talking so that you have to do your best to exercise around them! The teacher usually tries a couple times each session to encourage them to move, but they are so busy talking they don't even hear her.

    1. The chatters and floaters! They drive me NUTS. How can they be so dim as to not see they're in the way? In that regard, today was good for the soul. It was hysterical watching them trying to carry on a conversation over the din of the music!

  3. ...the one Rockette who hadn’t gotten the memo...

    Haha. That's me, too. I haven't done any king of aerobics in years. Just too awkward.

  4. That is so funny! I am trying to get up enough nerve to go to aerobics at the senior citizens center here in town. Somehow I just don't feel like one of the seniors. :)

  5. I haven't crossed that bridge yet, either, although I'm quick to take any senior discounts offered!!

  6. Water has never been my element. I can swim, do all the strokes, tread water, but mostly I can only take about 20 minutes in a pool. then my feet start to cramp and when I was younger my nail beds and lips would turn blue. the foot cramp thing still happens. but I do like using my body.


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