Friday, June 20, 2014

Summer Solstice

We've made it. 

After a May that was 
so un-Maylike 
most of us would just as well forget about it, the first day of summer is upon us.

I knew for sure this morning when I came downstairs to find this little visitor sandwiched between my kitchen crank-out window and its screen. 

I had to admire his determination. Our house sits on a hill, so that side of it is two stories high. He must have labored all night up the slippery siding to find a warm spot for the night. 

Another sign of summer's arrival is the metamorphosis of our porch from winter mode to summer.
Scary winter mode. Boots, kindling, etc, etc.

Blissful summer mode.

One leg of a very happy Satchel. 

A major cat coma brought on by a warm summer day, sunlight twinkling outside, and birds singing beyond the screens. 

(Note the sheet to ward of the epic summer shedding of black fur.)


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