Sunday, June 15, 2014

Fathers' Day

      So we began our Father's Day weekend by hanging the Jolly Roger as a warning signal to the neighborhood that the grandkids had arrived. 

Got in some hoops.

Created a scenario with
both cavalry and WWII trucks and tanks. 

Paid a visit to Grandpa's 
hobby room. 

Flew a few planes from the dollar store.

 And then we all hit the road and really got down to business.      

If it could be climbed,
or bounced, 
they tried it.                                                                            

Funny how Fathers' Day is actually all about the kids. 
Hard to say which father - Dad or Granddad - had a better day.


  1. Lush grass, cute peeps, fun day!

    I climbed one of those walls a few years ago and almost had a heart attack.

    1. Susie, you never fail to amaze me. That wall was HIGH!

  2. What cute grandsons! They sure look like their dad. Sounds like a fun day.


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