Saturday, May 10, 2014

Mud Pack

While the rest of the world is tripping through their gardens admiring their azaleas and cutting branches from their forsythia, we’re occupied with much less aesthetic activities.

Our driveway is juuust narrow enough that when we emerge from our car we often step into a La Brea tar pit of mud. This past weekend we decided to rectify that.

First, we had to pry up the stop-gap measures we put in several years ago which, although they weren’t much help as bridge across the mud, did manage to become firmly cemented into the ground. 

Then, LOTS of digging through soil so riddled with rocks they triggered shock waves through your arms when you plunged in your shovel.   

Next came a sub-base of some kind of magical pebbly material that is promised to fuse when water hits it.

This was followed by five bags of small stones. And we thought we were done, but we still had a two inch drop from the edge of the driveway. It seems we were a bit too enthusiastic with our digging. 
So - - back to Home Despot for more and bigger stone, and five bags later, we realized - - we still need five more.                                                                               
Perhaps we could blame it on the project’s supervisor. 


  1. Sorry, but that eagle eye says Had they only listened to me......last year! Love that fellow.

  2. That post made me tired. Beautiful kitty pic.

  3. I think I've been involved in a project or two that had a very faulty estimate.

  4. That's the kind of project you're glad to be done with! I love your black black kitty cat!

  5. That looks like a lot of work! Your cat looks like a panther in that picture love it!!! I tried to follow you but for some reason blogger is not letting me. I will keep trying. Thanks for coming to visit. :)

  6. Those cats can sure be demanding bosses. We have hardpan here and with the shade in our backyard, the grass has quit growing. It doesn't even exist any more so we have talked about putting in adobe brick pavers. I think it would be about as hard as the work you've done here. Makes me rethink this idea.


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