Sunday, January 19, 2014

Shifting Demographics

This is my contribution to this week's

Five Sentence Fiction

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This week's topic is  Clutch

Cat food, milk, soda, and ice cream – all the essentials needed to get through the weekend ran through Melanie’s head as she pulled into the convenience store parking lot on her way home from the office.

She opened her car door just as two young men in masks ran out of the store to her car, where one jumped in the passenger seat and the other yanked the keys from her hand.

The hijacked car started, the engine roared, but the vehicle went nowhere in spite of the extensive cursing within.

She could hear a shouted and angry exchange between the two men who then threw open the car doors and ran off into the night.

Apparently her decision to choose a standard transmission was validated by more than improved gas mileage; the number of people able to negotiate a clutch was definitely diminishing. 


  1. Our numbers are diminishing with each passing day. I was wondering who might do a story about a car with a manual transmission. That your story is the only one I've read (so far) that does so, validates your premise! Very nice!

  2. A nice post. Thank you for sharing.

    Thank you. Love love, Andrew. Bye.

  3. Yes, that would throw someone...most of our UK cars are manual, so it's less extraordinary, but it would frustrate automatic drivers!

  4. Your story makes a good point, and your title is clever.

  5. loved that story, really made me smile so thank you

  6. I love this did a super job with 5 sentences. Congrats, Oma Linda


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