Thursday, December 12, 2013

Great Power/Great Responsibility

-Parking karma can be a heavy burden

     Before I enter a parking lot I need to ask myself, “Do I really want to shop/dine/tour here?” since inevitably, the instant my tires hit the tarmac someone will come from the building and drive away, leaving me their spot. A spot that's no more than four spaces from the front door. This happens so often I’m convinced there’s some cosmic force that selects a driver and tells them it’s time to leave, regardless of whether they’re ready or not.

This is the time of year when my particular super-power becomes most evident. It’s when I arrive in the parking lot of the huge shopping mall that I am set apart from other, less fortunate, mortals.

Last shopping season my husband and went to the department store that sat at one end of the mall. We were there on a highly focused mission – we only needed one thing and so agreed that there was no need to take up a parking place. One of us could wait in the car while the other ran in. I volunteered to hold down the fort – or car.

I pulled up to the entrance and delivered my husband into the maw of the mall and then pulled aside onto the fringes of the parking lot. Meanwhile, as if on some new ring of hell, cars circled desperately looking for somewhere, anywhere they could shed their personal pile of metal.

As I sat there, two spaces away from my car someone pulled out and left. One of the desperate circlers pulled up behind me, and then drove away, thinking that I had laid claim to the spot.

I moved to a farther position from the store. Again a space opened up next to me and this time its owner blocked an oncoming car and waved me to his empty spot, thinking I was waiting for it.

Finally, I just had to drive away, returning periodically until my husband emerged from the store.  


  1. Good fortune obviously shines on you, Marty. I have to say that I invariably manage to get a parking lot but if hubby is driving he is too screwed up to find a place and won't stop at a vacant lot if a car is behind him. He suffers from the pressure brought on my himself... grins.

    1. Psychologists could probably do an entire study of human behavior just by hanging out in their cars.

  2. My sister-in-law lived in midtown Manhattan and prayed to the Parking Goddess. 9 times out of 10 a parking spot opened up and she thanked them and her for holding her space. I picked up her practice and the same thing happens to me. I know just what you're saying here!

    1. I decided long ago that it's just a case of positive thinking. Because it's happened to me so often (like today, when a woman stopped on her way to her car to tell me that she was leaving and I could have her spot) I just believe there will be an opening for me.

  3. This is one reason I don't drive any more! I found supermarket car parks terrifying ..


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