Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Best Day Evah!

     Baseball season has ended, and in our neck of the woods it was a very BIG DEAL.
       Very big.  
Just in case you are immersed in some upstart sport like say, soccer (okay, football to some of you) or extreme Frisbee, you may not know that the Boston Red Sox just won the World Series. Still unclear? Think World Cup. And your home team just won it.  Big doings. 

So on the spur of the moment, my Significant Other and I jumped in the car on Saturday and headed to the celebratory parade to be held in the streets of Boston, which is about an hour and a half drive from Welcome Words land. We left at 7 am and the parade was scheduled for 10. As far as I could tell, everyone else in Massachusetts woke up at 3 am to slog to a train, and then elbowed their way onto the subway (aka the “T”). Others arrived at their chosen parade spot by 5 am, dragging along sleepy children.
          Miraculously we circumvented all the traffic and all the crowds, and chose our spot on Tremont Street at 9 am. Easy-peasy. We spent the entire rest of the day congratulating ourselves for our cleverness. 

We all waited.                                                                              And waited. 

And became as one with our spot on the sidewalk.

But then, finally -  Could it be? Yes! Here they came!!

          And after we had all applauded everyone - players, owners, managers, grounds crew, local cops, local firemen, the EMTs, and anyone else who was remotely connected to the Sox, 
after the last duck boat, here came a flatbed with the person we all know is a shoo-in for the next mayor of Boston:
Big Papi. 

Best Day Evah!


  1. I'm not a sports fan at all, but! I can get into a parade any day, what a great idea, and you must have had the best time. Congrats on the winning team.


    1. Yep, not a rabid fan either, but it was fun to get caught up in the excitement.

  2. Congrats on a wonderful season and win. What a wonderful boost to the town of Boston after a tough year. My team watched yours celebrating from their couches.
    Wonder if the boys shaved?

    1. I grew really fond of the players this year. In their interviews after the parade they were like the guys next door (or I guess if you live next door to millionaires, they were). But they were just a nice group who were happy to win without being arrogant about it.
      The beards have come off as a part of a "shaving for charity" event. Good thing - most of them were beginning to look like they'd just come out of the woods from tending the still.


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