Tuesday, July 23, 2013



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This week's topic is Wisdom,
something we could all use more of. 

“Billy – come on – we’ve got to get to the doctor’s; I don’t care if Steve Jobs did ask you for that new app of yours.”

Surrounded by monitors, keyboards and assorted electronics, Billy muttered to himself, “Tim Cook, Ma, Tim Cook – Steve Jobs is dead and I will be too if they don’t get this by tomorrow.”

Twenty minutes later, he was in the big padded chair with a mouthful of gauze and a masked man approaching him, a gleaming instrument in his gloved hand.

“We’ll have those wisdom teeth out in no time, Billy.”

That afternoon Billy sat and sipped ginger ale carefully, swished it over the empty spaces in the back of his mouth and stared at the now-unfamiliar figures on the monitor before him. 


  1. Hello Marty!

    Thank you for this post!

    Now I understand why I cannot use a Laptop or any other of these doomed contraptions! :))


    Nice tale!

    I like it. It is very well written!

    Thanks for sharing.

    Od Liam

    1. Welcome, Od. I suppose this story would explain all the nine-year-olds guiding their ancients through The Land of Computers.

  2. Boy genius rendered ordinary by loss of wisdom teeth. What a tale! Love that last visual where he's staring at a screen that no longer makes sense to him. I do that all the time. Now I know why! :)

    1. Yes, I'm about three steps away from believing there are tiny people inside my computer.

  3. Love it !
    I'm finally growing a wisdom tooth, now I'm in my sixties . Perhaps my laptop's workings are about to make sense at last .

  4. See?? We all just need a bit more patience.


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