Friday, March 29, 2013


Words. Words. I play with words, hoping that some combination, 
even a chance combination, will say what I want.
                               DORIS LESSING, The Golden Notebook

Thank you, Doris. Exactly my experience
As I forge ahead into the foreign world of blogging, I hope that for my sake, and the sake of my reader, that chance will be on my side. 


  1. On Monday, I forced myself outdoors to begin to clean one garden area. I have to admit that I find great satisfaction when I look at what I've done, but very little while filling the barrel with dead stuff. The new growth can now find the sun, however. LIQP

  2. I love reading blogs written by people I know. It makes me feel like I get to chat with them on a regular basis, when really with life's out of control pace, I may only see them every 6 months! Thanks for blogging! I love reading what you have to say, and the humor with which you say it.


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