Saturday, August 20, 2022

Back to Earth


      After yesterday’s glitz at the casino, we stayed home today and did glamorous things like replacing light bulbs and hanging a wall mirror.
     No, we didn’t come home with $50 dollar bills flying from the car windows like characters in a cartoon, but we did okay. I only frittered $30, My Guy frittered $20, and we streeetched those stakes over an hour and half. The trick is to play the poker machines – it takes much longer to lose.

          The vegetable choices for tonight’s dinner were pretty sparse, so this afternoon I drove up our town’s miniature mountain to a farm stand for corn.

I pulled up and absolutely no one was around.  Even after 25 years of living here, I still find these self-serve stands to be magical.


          I weighed my tomatoes (stunning! Can’t wait to cut into them) and green beans, and added those numbers to the three ears of corn.




          Then to the cash drawer to deposit my money and I was on my way. 




P.S. This better be some spectacular corn. I've just realized that I left my sandwich baggie of quarters for corn and parking meters at the stand. Drove up, but it's gone. Sigh.


  1. Sorry to hear of your quarters being gone. I need them for the laundromat in my apartment complex and hoard them. I use the parking app for downtown parking, which I do very little of these days. Riding the bus is more my speed. :-)

  2. Sigh at the bag of coins. I really like those 'honesty stands' which we used to see everywhere. And am sad that the honesty at that stand was limited.

  3. So much for honesty boxes. Sorry you ended up paying more than intended at the farm stand.

  4. Your veggies will be beyond wonderful, but the fella with your bag of change...he will regret it for some time. Worst of all will be awful peaches.

  5. I guess I'm just cynical but I'm amazed places like this still exist!

  6. Cool stories — both the poker and the veggie stand.


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