Monday, April 4, 2022


         Darn that Puritan work ethic. When this much time lapses between my posts, my go-to emotion is guilt. Since I have no deep thoughts or ruminations to share, here are a few visuals from the past couple of weeks:

We spent a morning at the beach where the theme that day was searching - I didn't get a shot of the fellow with his metal detector,

but this couple was sifting for shark teeth. Our area is distinguished by having an unusual amount of prehistoric sharks who left their teeth behind.  

And this fisherman was casting his net for dinner, I guess.

In between other events, I did put together a rainbows and butterflies box welcoming Spring for our twin granddaughters who are big fans of both.

The knitted rainbows are "buddy blankets" for their legions (and legions) of stuffed friends they tote everywhere.





On this occasion, the rainbow swordfish joined them for an outing in the city. 

(These buddies do have quite the life. Since the girls are only allowed one buddy each at pre-school, their whimsical dad takes the overflow to his office, where he documents how they've spent their day.)

 We fit in a visit to a chalk festival.

Things got even busier with two of our older grandchildren (one couldn't get away from college) visiting and meeting manatees and rays.



I had a BIG nap today.


  1. What a loaded post!
    Taking the animals to work to document their day is the best thing ever. No, wait, Little girls hand in hand is the best thing ever.I am inspired to take a walk in the sun but there is none. still cold and dark. Nap well- recharge the granny batteries. The Easter rabbit is counting on you.

  2. How the buddies passed the day--priceless.

  3. I like seeing how the toys passed their day. I'm looking forward to spoiling my own twin grand daughters after they get born. I think a few rainbow toys are in order.

  4. You have been busy with wonderful things. Important things. And like Joanne I am particularly tickled with the documentation of how the buddies passed their day.


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