Tuesday, February 8, 2022

Rainy Day Woes

 The word is out, darn it. People are swarming into our quiet corner of Florida at a rate that will rival any Wikipedia migration of the past. Result: plans to go from two-lanes to six for River Road, once bordered by undergrowth it would take a machete to get through (by the vine-draped river where they filmed Tarzan movies in the 1930s). Shops are packed, as are restaurants (Covid or no Covid) and for those of us looking for a safe outdoor activity, exorbitant golf fees, if you can even get a spot, that can pass $100 for 18 holes.

Fortunately, in previous years I’ve been able to tag along with a friend’s condo golf league where the cost is a fourth of that. Unfortunately, the crush of newcomers has hit, causing the golf course to limit the number of tee times it will schedule and I’m now an “adjunct” player. Fortunately, after a cancellation, I made it to the list this week

          Meanwhile, the pond outside our porch is evaporating so quickly it’s developing a beach that would rival Normandy’s. It rarely rains here in the winter and this year is no exception.

          So when does it finally decide to rain? All day? You guessed it. Today, my one day to play golf.



  1. I guess even the keenest golfer with a course open in the rain, unlikely, would be deterred. Dang it.

  2. Are you any good at playing in the wet? You could always practise your putting in your living room, but then miss out on all the walking.

  3. Aw, shucks! Rain often takes the wind out of my sails, so to speak. Golfing in the rain sounds a lot less fun than hiking in it. :-)

  4. So sorry about that run of bad luck. Yes, my husband would love to move back to his home state of Florida, but there is no way I would want to face that traffic and lines and people who refuse to wear masks.

  5. That's why they make golf umbrellas!

  6. You ended well and unexpectedly once again.


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